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Anti-aging filler cream by Medi-peel

Anti-aging filler cream by Medi-peel

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Super new from Medi-peel ❤️


Cream with a light stretchy texture, due to the large amount of hydrolyzed collagen - lifting result.


In the composition, in addition to collagen:


5 anti-aging peptides - work with wrinkles.


5 types of Hyaluronic acid - strong hydration.


The patented complex Oriental Beauty Fruits Newplex - based on Pomegranate, Fig, Ginkgo biloba and Mulberry - has a powerful antioxidant effect on skin cells, slows down aging.


Patented complex RiFerm RPG - based on fermented rice water - antioxidant properties and even skin tone.


Hydrolyzed glucosaminoglucan - strengthens blood vessels.



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