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Fermented essence with galactomysis by Benton

Fermented essence with galactomysis by Benton

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The essence is suitable for any skin type, light texture can be used in both toner and serum stages.



Clean composition WITHOUT alcohol, silicones, oils, and parabens:


The Base - Glactomysis ferment - contains lots of amino acids, hydrates the skin, increasing its elasticity and firmness, evens out skin tone, and tightens the pores.


Bifida-lysates - probiotics:

Hydrates, strengthen the blood vessels, relieve redness, and reduce skin sensitivity. Strengthens the blood vessels, and reduces the capillary network. Works with acne and post-acne evens out skin texture.


Hyaluronic acid - hydration.


1 peptide - light anti-age effect.


Ceramides - restore the protective barrier of the skin.


Aloe Vera, Panthenol, and Allantoin- soothing ingredients.


Hydrolyzed Lecithin- increase the firmness of the skin.


Arginine and Adenosine- hydrating amino acids.


The essence is suitable for both morning and evening use.

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