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Hyaluronic intense cream by COSRX

Hyaluronic intense cream by COSRX

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The cream has a delicate, light texture, instantly melts on the skin, penetrating into the deep epidermis layers. Supports skin elasticity, tones and nourishes it, improves complexion, makes the skin supple and silky.

The base is not water, it is sea buckthorn hydrolate - has healing properties, moisturizes the skin, fights wrinkles.

The cream contains hyaluronic acid 3000 mg. Hyaluronic acid – due to the high hydrophilicity, helps to maintain a normal water balance in the skin cells, creates an internal volume of tissues. It improves skin relief, prevents and slows down skin aging, smoothes wrinkles, effectively moisturizes and protects the skin.

Well suited as a night cream mask: apply a dense layer on the face and neck for half an hour before bedtime, wash in the morning - the skin will be saturated and smooth.


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