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I.M. Buddy Innovative Multi-Functional Buddy by DoubleDare

I.M. Buddy Innovative Multi-Functional Buddy by DoubleDare

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The I.M. Buddy by DoubleDare is an eco-friendly and flexible cleansing tool for the face and body. Its portable design makes it a perfect tool to take when traveling, allowing you to gently cleanse with ease. Pair with Honey Milk Drop Face Wash or Body Wash for the most effective results. 

Temperature: -40~230 centigrade

No abnormal odour or staining

Eco-Friendly, soft flexible bristles, non-stick, anti-bacterial

Lightweight and portable, easy to store and transport

Durable, shape retaining, long lasting

100% food grade silicone with FDA & LFGB approved

Pour face wash or body wash directly onto applicator. Massage on the skin using circular motions to let soft bristles cleanse effectively. Rinse with water.


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