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Anti-aging essence-toner by Garang Garang⠀

Anti-aging essence-toner by Garang Garang⠀

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Suitable for any skin type. Clean composition withOUT alcohol, silicones, and oils.

The toner base - Houttuynia extract. Koreans call it 십약 (sipyak), which translates as “10 remedies”. It consists of flavonoids (quercetin, quercitron, hyperoside, rutin, afzelin, and apigenin) which are capable of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
In addition, it also consists of polysaccharides which are capable of moisturizing action and can retain moisture in the skin.

Laminaria (algae) - hydrate and increase the elasticity of the skin.

Stem cells of Edelweiss - the strongest antioxidant, protects skin cells from destruction, restores firmness of the skin, works on lifting the oval of the face.

2 types of low-molecular hyaluronic acid + beta-glucan - powerful hydration.

Syn-C peptide - stimulates the synthesis of collagen, increases firmness and elasticity of the skin, reduces aging signs.

PREbiotics - increase the immune system of the skin.

Amaranth oil -  has restorative and moisturizing properties, non-comedogenic.

Adenosine - increases the firmness of the skin, anti-aging effect.

The extremely light texture does not leave greasiness and stickiness. Apply essence with your hands on cleansed face as a first step.
Can be used in both morning and evening care.

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