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Bifida biome complex ampoule by Manyo

Bifida biome complex ampoule by Manyo

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Super serum for all skin types. Indicated also for skin with couperose and rosacea / for sensitive skin / for skin prone to rashes.

Pure composition WITHOUT alcohol, silicones, oils, parabens, fragrances:

90% of the composition is a probiotic complex:

Bifida Lysate,

Lactobacillus lysate,

bifida filtrates,

Saccharomyces filtrates.

* What probiotics to do:

Improve the texture of skin, strengthening blood vessels, moisturising,

reduce skin sensitivity,

works with acne,

tightening pores,

restore the protective skin barrier,

increase the permeability of peptides to skin cells.

Edelweiss stem cells - stimulate the production of own collagen, increase skin elasticity.

7 types of Hyaluronic acid and Squalane - powerful moisturizing.

Centella asiatica and its derivatives - moisturize and soothe the skin.

2 anti-aging peptides - Copper peptide (works with age wrinkles), Botox peptide (works with mimic wrinkles).

Antioxidant complex aimed at strengthening blood vessels - relieves redness, strengthens the walls of blood vessels.

Serum can be used in both morning and evening care.

Ideally, the serum is applied over the toner.

After absorbing the serum, be sure to apply the cream.


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