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Firming active mist with phytoestrogens by Derma Maison (professional Medi-peel line)

Firming active mist with phytoestrogens by Derma Maison (professional Medi-peel line)

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Bi-phase mist can be used both in the serum stage and in the cream stage. Suitable for all skin types - fast absorption, does not leave greasiness and stickiness.



Clean composition withOUT alcohol, silicones, parabens:


Phytoestrogens (3,000 ppm) - plant estrogen analog. Works like estrogen but withOUT the side effects. 

Rejuvenates, and stimulates collagen and hyaluronic acid production.


Very useful for all women, especially after 40 years, when estrogen production lowers in the organism. 


Resveratrol (phytoestrogen) - is a strong antioxidant, slowers skin cell aging, and strengthens the blood vessels.


Opuntia ficus-indica (phytoestrogen) - regenerative properties, slow the aging process.


Niacinamide - evens out the skin tone and tightens the pores.


5 types of Hyaluronic acid + squalene + Betaine - strong hydration and wrinkle filling.


Hydrolyzed collagen- increases the elasticity and firmness of the skin.


Hydrolyzed glucosaminoglucan - strengthen blood vessels.


Adenosine, Allantoin, Vit. E - anti-aging result.


Matrixyl peptide - stimulates collagen production and increases the firmness of the skin.


Syricalm soothing complex - relieves redness and irritations.


NON-comedogenic moisturizing oils:


Moringa (phytoestrogen),



Grape seed.


The mist can be used in both morning and evening care. Before applying, shake the bottle.



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