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3 seconds hair fill-up shampoo by CP-1

3 seconds hair fill-up shampoo by CP-1

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The 3 seconds hair fill-up shampoo by CP-1 greatly cleanses and keep the scalp hydrated while nourishes damaged hair, makes it easy to comp and silky while neutralizes brittleness and prevents hair loss.

 This shampoo with healing effect, strengthens the hair, makes it thicker and more resistant to the harmful effects of external factors. Eliminates dryness and confusion, saturates with moisture, minerals, and nourishing oils. This shampoo is silicones free and restores the natural structure of the hair, reduces sensitivity to heat treatment, ultraviolet radiation, and other cosmetic effects. It is suitable for curls since it improves the structure of the curl, giving a natural shine!

How to use

Apply the required amount of shampoo to wet hair, massage the scalp. Wash off with warm water.

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