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5+ Vitamin Concentrated Serum by Numbuzin

5+ Vitamin Concentrated Serum by Numbuzin

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The serum contains a high concentration of whitening components that inhibit melanin synthesis in the skin, thereby evening out the tone and lightening pigmentation spots and post-acne marks, eliminating skin dullness.


Pure composition WITHOUT alcohol and silicones:


Serum base: Lingonberry extract (60%) - a natural source of Vitamin C, also regulates sebum production.


Niacinamide (5%) - evens out skin tone, and reduces pore size.


Vitamin B5 (5%) - soothes irritation, and calms the skin.


Tranexamic acid (4%) and Alpha-Arbutin - brightening actives that suppress melanin activity in skin cells. They do not cause photosensitivity.


Glutathione - evens out skin tone, an antioxidant.


3 types of Vitamin C - even out skin tone, and energize the skin.


Probiotics - moisturize the skin, strengthen blood vessels, and work on acne.


Hyaluronic acid - moisturization.


Sugar cane - polishes the skin.


Turmeric and turmeric - even out skin tone.


The serum is suitable for both morning and evening use. Ideally, apply the serum after toner and follow with moisturizer.


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