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Anti-aging moisturizing cream in balls by Medi-peel

Anti-aging moisturizing cream in balls by Medi-peel

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The novelty by Medi-peel! 57 balls in gel substance - when applied on the skin, the content of the ball mixes with the gel. So, we use not only the balls but the gel as well.

I could not pass by such beauty) But in addition to the beautiful and unusual design, this cream has gorgeous ingredients:

8 types of Hyaluronic acid - deeply moisturizing and wrinkle filling.

Botox peptide - relaxes and works with both age and expression wrinkles

Niacinamide - evens out skin tone, excellent anti-aging ingredient.

Vitamin B5 - mega-hydrating, regulates the pH level of the skin.

Astaxanthin - is a natural strongest antioxidant! Works with wrinkles, pigmentation, reduces pores, and moisturizes the skin.


The cream can be used both in evening and morning care.

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