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Anti-aging serum with vit. U by CuSkin (professional Cosmeceutical)

Anti-aging serum with vit. U by CuSkin (professional Cosmeceutical)

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A really working, powerful, and grandiose (I'm not afraid of this word) composition:

*The serum does NOT contain silicones, alcohol, oils, and parabens!

The patented complex:

3 amino acids are mixed on the base of Polyglutamic acid - Methionine, serine, histidine. The complex provides strong hydration, smoothes wrinkles, and replenishes the lack of amino acids in the skin cells.

Botox peptide Syn Ake in high concentration, i.e there is a lot of it, and the effect is visible!

Syn-Ake peptide - actively reduces wrinkles, evens out skin tone, tightens the oval of the face, and increases the overall skin tone.

Syn-Ake relaxes facial muscles and removes facial clamps. Due to the muscle relaxation, the skin straightens, and wrinkles dissappear. It works well with age wrinkles, as well as with facial.

(According to the research results of using peptide Syn-Ake from 4 weeks, wrinkles are reduced to 58%!)

Arbutin - ingredient, that evens out skin tone, decrease melanin production (pigmentation), works with post-acne.

Patented complex:

Hydrolyzed proteins of Soy, wheat and corn. This complex fights with skin dryness, increase its elasticity and stimulates collagen synthesis.

Vit. C (0,2%) in stable form (SAP) - in difference with unstable form, does NOT cause irritation, and redness. Antioxidant that evens out your skin tone and stimulates the production of your own collagen.

Vit. U - amino acid made from broccoli and algae. Increase skin elasticity.

Adenosine and Arginine - moisturizing anti-aging ingredients.

SH Oligopeptide-1 - regulates metabolic and regenerative processes in skin cells.

Chinese Belomkanda root is phytoestrogen.

Ceramides complex - restores the protective barrier of the skin.

Serum can be used in both, morning and evening care. Ideally, the serum should be applied on toner, after absorption - apply cream.

*In the serum's composition - Arbutin - if you are pregnant or on BF, this ingredient is not recommended for you.


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