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Anti-aginging Peptide serum for eyelids Mezofilla by Medi-peel

Anti-aginging Peptide serum for eyelids Mezofilla by Medi-peel

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The serum moisturizes the skin around the eyes, smoothes wrinkles, improves skin elasticity, lightens dark circles. It can be used on the upper eyelid as well.

The composition is gorgeous! All ingredients are mixed on the basis of algae extract:

Polylactic acid (PLA) is a unique ingredient that triggers a chain reaction in the skin cells to produce collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, and glycosaminoglycan. Thus, strengthening and moisturizing the skin, the frame is built, which does not allow wrinkles to form and even lifts the upper eyelid. (Important! PLA does not attract water from the outside, respectively, swelling is excluded).

Volufiline - increasing amount of lipid tissues in the intercellular spaces. With age, the collagen ligament between the cells weakness, voids are obtained, in this void, the skin layer occurs, respectively - a wrinkle.
So Volufiline will fill these voids, literally pushing out the wrinkles!

Complex of 5 peptides - time machine for or skin, stop aging process; make cells work as in a young active age.

Niacinamide - whitening and anti-aging ingredient.

Hyaluronic acid - moisturizing and wrinkle filling.

Solamnic Baikal,
Evening primrose,
Golden Orchid,
root Anemarrhena,
Irish moss.

The serum has to be used in the morning and evening care. The result will be better if after the serum you apply cream under the eyes.

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