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Anti-hair loss scalp tonic for hair growth by Rated Green

Anti-hair loss scalp tonic for hair growth by Rated Green

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Rated green - is a professional Korean
brand for hair and scalp care.

In composition:

Biotin - the most important hair vitamin: strengthens the hair follicle, stimulates collagen production, improves hair structure, fights hair loss, and makes the hair shiny and thick.

Pectin - stimulate keratin production, and strengthen the protective barrier of the skin.

Rosemary juice - antioxidant, exfoliate the skin, hydrate.

Caffeine - stimulate the hair follicle.

Salicylic acid - polishes the scalp.

Zinc - regulate sebaceous gland production.

Vitamins С, Е, В5 - vitaminizes the skin, and stimulates the hair follicle.

Menthol - soothes and cools the skin, gives hair a root volume.

Citrus and pine needle oils - stimulating and regenerating properties.

Aloe Vera, Soy seeds, and Coconut extract - hydrate and soothe the skin.

Rub the tonic with massage movements after hair wash, on the already dried scalp. Don’t rinse off!

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