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Bean essence by Mixsoon

Bean essence by Mixsoon

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Fermented soybean essence for all skin types.

Moisturizes, regulates the production of sebaceous glands, works with black and white dots.


Pure short and concentrated composition WITHOUT water, alcohol, silicones, oils: only 4 ingredients!


1. Fermented soybean extract - Mega-moisturizing, strengthening skin turgor, increasing skin elasticity.

2. Fermented pomegranate extract - stimulates the production of collagen, antioxidant. Contains organic (natural) acids - tightens pores, works with white and black dots.

3. Fermented barley seed filtrate - contains organic (natural) acids - polish the skin, smooth wrinkles, increase skin elasticity.

4. Fermented pear juice filtrate - softens and moisturizes the skin, evens out skin tone.


The essence is used at the serum stage - that is, after the toner and before the cream.

The essence has a slightly stretchy texture, but is absorbed well, and does not leave greasy or sticky.


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