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Bifida barrier toner by CuSkin (professional cosmeceutical)

Bifida barrier toner by CuSkin (professional cosmeceutical)

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Anti-aging toner with bifida lysates and peptides.

Toner with a lightweight texture suitable for all skin types.

Clean formula WITHOUT alcohol, oils, or parabens:

Toner base - bifida lysates (85% !!!) + 2 patented probiotic complexes:

- Increases skin elasticity and firmness,

- Works on acne and post-acne issues,

- Strengthens blood vessel walls (beneficial for couperose and rosacea),

- Reduces redness and skin sensitivity,

- Minimizes pores,

- Evens out skin texture,

- Restores the skin's protective barrier,

- Enhances the penetration of anti-aging ingredients into skin cells.

2 anti-aging peptides:

Copper peptide - works on lifting and stimulates the production of collagen.

Botox-peptide - works on both mimic and age-related wrinkles.

Hyaluronic acid - provides hydration.

Ceramides - restore the skin's protective barrier.

Eclipta extract protects against environmental damage, accelerates cell regeneration, and promotes cell recovery.

The toner is suitable for both morning and evening skincare routines.

Apply the toner as the first step after cleansing, either with your hands or using a cotton pad.


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