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Black Rice Bakuchiol Eye Cream by HaruHaru

Black Rice Bakuchiol Eye Cream by HaruHaru

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Milky and light cream type - absorbed quickly, refreshing and light finishing without stickiness.

Bakuchiol, high-purity natural active, a safe alternative ingredient with similar efficacy to antioxidant retinol (vitamin A) without side effects, extracted from the seeds of Psoralea Corylifolia of the legume family, a traditional Ayurvedic medicine.

Fermented black rice, black rice is already rich in antioxidant compounds as it is, but when it is fermented its anti-oxidation power dramatically jumps.

Take a rice-grain-size and divide between on the tips of your ring fingers, and gently tap the cream onto the under-eye area and eyelids until fully absorbed.


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