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Cica Houttuynia Tea tree Calming mask pack by Mary&May

Cica Houttuynia Tea tree Calming mask pack by Mary&May

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Mary & May Cica Eoseongcho Tea Tree Calming Mask Pack with Centella asiatica extract, Houttuynia cordata extract and tea tree extract with excellent anti-inflammatory and soothing action for quick recovery and immediate effect is suitable for daily use with soothing properties! With safe EWG green grade ingredients, Mary&MAy aims for a radiant skin since it excludes harmful ingredients and is made with nutrients for faster results. Suitable for daily use the sheet mask completed the skin irritation test, suitable for daily use without irritation even for sensitive skin.


 Suggested use


 - After daily cleansing routine.

- Open the lid, open the protective cap and take out a sheet with the mini brush.

 - After allowing the product to be absorbed by the skin for 10-15 minutes, gently massage the product all over the face except for the area around the eyes and lips.


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