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Cream essence with Kombucha by Dr.Ceuracle, 150ml⠀

Cream essence with Kombucha by Dr.Ceuracle, 150ml⠀

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Double-phase creamy antioxidant essence for any skin type.

Clean vegan composition WITHOUT alcohol, silicones, and parabens:

The base - green tea hydrolase - tones the skin, and mates. Strengthens the blood vessels. Strong antioxidant.

Kombucha - fermented black tea. Kombucha contains probiotics, vitamins of group B, and organic acids (doesn’t increase the photosensitivity of the skin, i. е. can be used all year around).
The most important property of kombucha - it resists glycation - the "gluing" of elastin and collagen in skin cells.

It is because of glycation that the contour of the face begins to sag.
Kombucha also thickens the skin very well and increases its turgor.

Hyaluronic acid - hydration.

Hydrolyzed Lecithin - lifting.

Ceramides - restores the protective barrier.

Soothing herbs-antioxidants:

Suitable for both morning and evening care.

Attention! Before usage, it is necessary to shake the essence well.

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