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Cream for neck and decollete by Medi-peel

Cream for neck and decollete by Medi-peel

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This cream is popular not only in Korea but all over the world.

Medi-peel as always works perfect!

This cream has not the best constation- «snot-snot», the product has perfumed odorant, tolerant.

But! It REALLY works! For this I am ready to forgive the cream all the cons) It seals the skin, tightens it, fills wrinkles!

Let’s understand:

The skin on the neck is very thin, without special fat layer. And even duplicating all care for face on the neck, sadly but, this is not enough.
Especially after 35 years old.

In base of this cream hydrolyzed fibers of collagen, lecithin, and elastin.
During application on the skin, fibers gently wrap around the neck, fills all wrinkles and building frame.
This ingredients increases production of your own collagen and elastin.

But, just pure collagen can’t get deep in skin cells, so here added peptides, and they are much in composition!
Peptides turn back time, forcing the cell to work as young, active age.
Peptides have very small molecule, which easily penetrates into the skin cells, and yet, serving as «guides», the peptides, dragging inside and collagen.

In general, the main composition of the cream - it is collagen and peptides. Also added herb of Asiatic Centella, Lavender, Aloe Vera, and Green tea.

Cream is veryyy saturated, and it not recommended use it for face - there may be a rash and pores may clog. But on the neck and decollete, it works amazing!

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