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Deep Cleansing Oil by Pyunkang Yul

Deep Cleansing Oil by Pyunkang Yul

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Remove makeup and remove all impurities deep into the pores with Pyunkang Yul Deep Cleansing Oil. Its gentle formula is suitable even for sensitive skin. The ingredients it contains also provide effective hydration and soothing. After cleansing it always leaves a pleasant feeling of comfort without pulling.

 Pyunkang Yul makeup remover and cleansing oil gently and effectively removes makeup and impurities while intensively moisturizing, nourishing and soothing the skin without leaving a pulling sensation!

Squeeze the pump 3-5 times and apply Pyunkang Yul makeup remover oil to a dry face with your palms. Gently massage into the skin, focusing on areas with more makeup or impurities to enhance their removal. Then, moisten your hands and massage again until the oil becomes milky in texture. Finally, rinse with lukewarm water.

Main ingredients

Saponaria Officinals Leaf

Hyaluronic acid



Extract of Asian cedella

Tea tree

Extract of forsythia and green tea

Shea butter

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