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Ganghwa Rice Granule Pack by Dr Ceuracle

Ganghwa Rice Granule Pack by Dr Ceuracle

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The main ingredient Rice Extract (30%) from the clean island Ganghwa provides the strong brightening and anti-aging effects with high nutrition (Vitamin C, A, E, B). The rice extract is fermented for 50 hours and ripened for 50 hours for its high quality. With the complex of Rice Extract and Ceramide NP, boosts skin condition by providing brightening and hydrating effects. Infused with Rice Powder, Job’s Tears Seed Powder, and Rice Hull Powder, scrubs dead skin cells and impurities for mild exfoliating / sebum care.

Apply an appropriate amount on the cleansed, dry skin avoiding the eye and mouth areas. After 10-15 minutes, with lukewarm water, gently massage in circular motions and rinse off.

Key Ingredients

Rice-Cera Complex

3 different grain powders (Vitamin B5)

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