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Glutathione Ampoule tissue mask by Medi-peel

Glutathione Ampoule tissue mask by Medi-peel

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The mask does NOT contain alcohol, silicones, or parabens:


Glutathione ampoule mask - lightens the skin tone, hydrates, works with wrinkles, and regulates sebaceous glands production.


In composition :


Glutathione - strongest antioxidant with lightening properties;


 5 Peptides - anti-aging result;


Niacinamide 2% - brightening, tightening pores.


9 types of Hyaluronic acid - strong hydration;


Pyridoxine - works with rashes, regulates sebaceous glands production;


Vit. С and Vit. В9 (Folic acid) - strong antioxidant. 


The mask - is a serum stage. Apply the mask on the cleansed face, ideally over toner. Leave on for 15-20 min. After mask removal and essence absorption - apply the cream. 


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