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Hydrogel eye patches by Petitfee

Hydrogel eye patches by Petitfee

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* Yellow patches with whitening effect:

Chamomile - relaxes,

Yuzu - hydrates,

Sea buckthorn - whitens out dark eye circles,

Pumpkin - hydrates.

* Purple patches for puffiness relieve:

Agave - cools,

Blackberry - soothes,

Algae - nourishes,

Eggplant - relaxes,

Caffeine - refreshes.

* Green patches with soothing effect:

Aloe - soothes,

Artichoke - hydrates,

Cabbage - cools and soothes,

Sagebrush - relaxes.

* Orange patches for skin energy: Cocoa - nourishes and toning,

Brazil nut - refreshing,

Pine nut - lymphatic drainage, Macadamia - glowing.

Apply the patches under the eyes for 15 min, after removal - apply the cream. Do not leave patches for more than suggested - remove when slightly damp.

Best to be stored in the refrigerator.

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