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Hydrophilic oil by SKIN1004

Hydrophilic oil by SKIN1004

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Light hydrophilic oil for deep skin cleansing. Washes out all makeup types, even the waterproof.

Clean composition withOUT alcohol, SLS, parabens, odorants. Light smell of bergamot (since includes its oil).

In composition:

10% of Centella Asiatica - a magical herb, that hydrates and soothes the skin. Works with rashes.

Non-comedogenic hydrating oils:

How to use:
Use oil in the evening care.
On the dry and uncleaned face, with dry fingers apply oil, massaging the skin.
Apply water to the fingers, and massage the skin again. The oil will appear to be light milk.
Thoroughly rinse the milk with water.
After, rinse the face with foam.

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