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Keratin concentrated hair essence by CP-1

Keratin concentrated hair essence by CP-1

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Essence for quick recovery of damaged and dry hair.

Clean composition WITHOUT alcohol and silicones:

Hydrolysed Keratin and Collagen - penetrate the hair, filling from the inside the damaged areas of its structure.

Hydrolyzed wheat protein - gives hair softness, smoothness, and elasticity, ease combing, and styling hair.

Laminaria (algae) - moisturizes and improves hair elasticity.

Extracts of soybeans, sesame seeds, and rice — increase the firmness and elasticity of the hair.

Jojoba oil - heals dry and damaged hair.  Moisturizes and nourishes the hair, protects it from the negative effects of external factors.

The essence consistency is a light oil but it does not leave greasy on the hair.

Ways of use:

1. For lightly damaged hair or for prevention: apply the essence to slightly damp hair, after washing.  Pay special attention to damaged areas.

2. For severely damaged hair: In the evening, apply the essence to dry hair, leave overnight, and wash your hair with shampoo in the morning.

3. To protect hair during dyeing.  Add 3-5 ml of essence directly to the hair dye.


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