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Line Tox Massager for Body and Face by Medi-Peel

Line Tox Massager for Body and Face by Medi-Peel

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Line Tox Massager is a professional ceramic massager, especially designed for complete skin and muscle care for the face and body. This exclusive tool, created from natural clay, offers a range of benefits for your skin, making it the perfect extra to your daily beauty routine.

Τhis revolutionary massager tool, has a pronounced lifting effect and a powerful lymphatic drainage effect while reduces swelling and strengthens skin. It stimulates the muscles of the face and neck, accelerating blood circulation and metabolic processes while releases muscles from tension. Suitable for use on all areas of the body depending on individual needs, providing complete care.

Use the protruding side for strong muscle stimulation for relaxing them and the flat side for a gentle massage. it is recommended to use a small amount of body oil or lotion, before using the massager.

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