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Multi-antioxidant ampoule Cindella by Medi-peel

Multi-antioxidant ampoule Cindella by Medi-peel

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Ampoule instead of injections!

So, in Korea there are 4 types of beauty shots:

- polynucleotide injections:
biopreparation (recovery) of cells damaged by age, solar radiation, stress. It has a pronounced lifting effect, tightening the facial contours, improving skin elasticity.

- «white jade» injections:
level the skin tone of the face, remove traces of acne and post-acne, traces of pigmentation, regulate the sebaceous glands and the production of melanin (pigmentation).

- injection "baby's skin":
low-molecular collagen in combination with peptides - reversing time, forcing cells to work as in a young, active age, start the process of skin regeneration.

- «Chanel» injections:
Antioxidants and vitamins complex 12 groups that fight free radicals that cause aging. Vitaminize our skin, filling it with energy and making it radiant from the inside.

In composition of Ampoule serum:
- polynucleotides,
- niacinamide and biotin,
- ascorbic and lactic acid,
- hydrolyzed collagen,
- peptides,
- a complex of vitamins of 12 groups,
- glutathione,
- extracts of antioxidant herbs.

High-tech development of scientists allowed all components of the serum to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and work from the inside - without injections !!

The consistency of the serum - "pink snot", but after absorption does not leave stickiness. We use the serum only in evening routine, we apply it on the whole face, and under the eyes, and on the neck.

Gives a visible result!

Suitable for all skin types.

The face will tighten, wrinkles will less, the oval of the face will become clearer, the skin tone will equalize.

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