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Natural deodorant Crystal by Grace (Thailand)

Natural deodorant Crystal by Grace (Thailand)

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*+ Aloe extract;

*+ Coconut extract.

A deodorant based on a natural crystal. It effectively tackles body odor, neutralizes microbes and bacteria, tightens pores, and cleanses the skin.


Ammonium alum (97%) - a natural mineral of volcanic origin. It reduces sweat gland secretion, kills pathogenic microorganisms, and absorbs excess fat and moisture. Alum also has anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties, helping to heal abrasions and cuts quickly.

P.S. The deodorant can also be used as a healing remedy after shaving.

2% Aloe or Coconut extract (your choice) - soothing and moisturizing properties.

1% - water.


*Effectiveness. Unlike regular deodorants, the crystal does not mask the smell of sweat but eliminates its cause. It suppresses pathogenic flora, narrows the sweat gland ducts, absorbs excess moisture, and inhibits the activity of microbes and harmful bacteria.

*Economy. The deodorant has a solid texture, so its consumption is almost unnoticeable. One crystal is enough for 2-3 years.

*Naturalness. The deodorant does not contain any artificial additives. It has a completely natural composition, making it safe and suitable even for pregnant and breastfeeding women. The deodorant does not have an irritating perfume scent and does not leave stains on clothes.


Moisten the crystal with water and apply it to the armpits (or other areas of the skin) several times. It can be used on any part of the body, such as hands and legs.


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