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Night-moisturizing mask by CuSkin (professional Cosmeceutical)

Night-moisturizing mask by CuSkin (professional Cosmeceutical)

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Completely natural composition! Extremely useful for all skin types and ages.

*Mask is made on the basis of Lamellar Emulsion (MLE) - the latest development of Korean scientists. Products made on the lamellar emulsion are more effective and lie like a second skin actively embedding in the intercellular space.

The mask is literally full of pre- and probiotics!
What do they give to the skin?
-powerful hydration;
-they work with the skin microbiome creating an optimal environment for the development of normal microflora;
-treat rashes;
-align skin’s turgor;
-work effectively with rosacea and immune skin deseases (!!);
-reduce skin sensitivity;
-relieve puffiness;
-strengthens blood vessels;
-activate the synthesis of collagen;
-accelerate the skin’s regeneration.

Besides pre- and probiotics there are also:

Hyaluronic acid,
Hydrolyzed collagen,
Vit. B5,
Vit. U,
Amino acids.

The mask works great! When it applied to the skin, a slight cooling effect can be felt.

Mask can be used either every evening, or either 2-3 times a week. Apply instead of cream, on the last stage of your skin-care.

This mask is - must have. Every girl should have it. Just try it and you will love it by 100% sure.😘

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