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Palo Santo sticks from Peru

Palo Santo sticks from Peru

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Palo Santo - “saint tree”, that grows in South America.
It has been used for centuries and is still used to fumigate space during shamanic rites.

Has properties:
- cleanses the space of negative energy,
- helps the body relax,
- set up positively.

Perfect for use:
- before meditation,
- for nervous system relaxation,
- before sleep for tension relief,
- after yoga for Shavasana,
- after and during hard moments, heavy emotions, and the presence of negative thoughts.

Palo Santo exudes a unique smell — subtle notes of sweet woods, citrus, and smoke. This is its natural smell, the sticks are not processed in any way.

How to use:
Holding the stick at the base, set fire to its end. Let the edge of the bar burn evenly - this takes 20 seconds. And then blow out the stick - it will smolder. Swipe the steaming Palo Santo around you and in the space around you to cleanse the energy and fill the room with a woody scent. When the smoke starts to fade, gently blow on the stick to start smoldering again.

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