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Peptide 9 Aqua Essence Lifting Ampoule by Medi Peel

Peptide 9 Aqua Essence Lifting Ampoule by Medi Peel

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The Lifting Media-Peel Peptide 9 Aqua Essence ampoule improves the skin, gently lightens unwanted pigmentation, smoothest tone and increases elasticity.

Containing 7 hyaluronic acids in optimal combination, it hydrates the skin from the inside to the surface and forms a moisture barrier to keep the skin hydrated and firm.

It inhibits the damaging effect of free radicals, tightening the skin and significantly increasing its barrier functions. It has a soothing effect, combats dullness, toning and restoring the healthy glow of the skin. In addition, it provides intensive hydration and eliminates flaking.

Use a sufficient amount on your face. Gently apply all over the face from the inside to the outside.

Key Ingredients

9 peptide complex



7 types of hyaluronic acid





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