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Peptide volume essence by Medi-peel

Peptide volume essence by Medi-peel

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Essence is used instead of cream, suitable for all types of skin.

Why essence calls volume? Because it contains volufiline. Volufiline increases amount of lipid tissue in extracellural space.
With age, the collagen ligament between the cells weakens, voids appear, the skin hall appears in these voids, a wrinkle appears. Now then, Volufiline will fill this voids, literally push wrinkles away!

Also in composition:
9 Peptides - peptides reverse time, make cells work as in young, active age.

Hydrolyzed collagen and lecithin - tightens the skin, stimulate production of your own collagen.

4 types of Hyaluronic acid - moisturizing, wrinkle filling.

Arginine and Adenosine - anti-aging ingredients.


Essence have to be used in evening care (ideal on a toner and skin).
In contact with skin, essence under influence of oxygen start to bubble, oxygen opening pores, allowing for all ingredients to penetrate in to the deep skin layers.

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