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Probio Cica Essence Toner by Skin1004

Probio Cica Essence Toner by Skin1004

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The toner has a light and watery texture, which after application provides an immediate feeling of hydration and suppleness! A watery-essence toner that provides the benefit of the richness of an essence, but also a refreshing finish of a watery toner.

Contains fermented Madagascan Centella Asiatica, specially formulated Probio-cica and TECA to provide maximized calming effects. In addition, the toner has anti-aging effects and effectively reduces more pronounced wrinkles and lines in the skin and neck area. Last the product restore and regenerate the damaged skin barrier, which can make the skin more sensitive, red and dry!

Apply an appropriate amount to either a cotton pad or directly on the palm and gently pat to absorb into the skin.

Key Ingredients




Centella Asiatica Extract


Hyaluronic acids

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