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Regenerating hair mask by Masil

Regenerating hair mask by Masil

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A hair mask withOUT alcohol, silicones, and oils! Suitable even for the kids' use. A mask that can be applied on both hair and scalp!




In composition: 


Hydrolyzed plant-based proteins - packed in lamellar structure, allow ingredients to penetrate the hair and restore it from the inside. Proteins envelop the hair, making it smooth, elastic, shiny, and crumbly.


Hamamelis, Sage, Melissa, mint, lavender, Hautyuniya, eucalyptus plant complex beneficially affects the scalp, healing it, relieving irritation and itching. Gives root volume. 


19 (!) amino acids - deep hair and scalp hydration.


How to use:

The mask consistency is water-like. Before use, dilute the mask 1:1 with water in hand or any other capacity. The mask will turn into a mousse. This mousse should be applied all over hair length and scalp. 

The mask can be left on your hair to act from 8 seconds to 5 minutes.

After , rinse with water. 



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