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Rosemary hair thickening conditioner by Aromatica

Rosemary hair thickening conditioner by Aromatica

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The silicone-free base Rosemary hair thickening conditioner by Aromatica, relieves stress on scalp and hair and helps improve hair conditions without the nasties.

Active ingredients from rosemary, pine leaves, basil, and oregano are extracted by decoction* to nourish scalp and hair roots. It nourishes thinning hair to provides strength to hair strands.

This conditioner allows the experience of holistic aromatherapy with pure essential oils while the perfume chemists and aromatherapists work together to achieve the optimal formula for healthier hair. This gentle conditioning product softens and soothes tangled and rough hair.

The conditioner is suitable for severely damaged and frizzy hair, use with rosemary treatment for softer and hydrated hair!

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